Woman claims Usher exposed her to STDs


A woman who claims Usher failed to disclose his alleged herpes status to her held a press conference with lawyer Lisa Bloom on Monday to announce a lawsuit.

One of the accusers, Quantasia Sharpton, told The New York Daily News that she and the entertainer had romped in her hotel room two years ago while she was celebrating her 19th birthday.

Later, she says a security guard came up to her and asked for her number because Usher was "interested in her".

"He never warned me about any STDs, I never heard from him again".

After another woman who alleges she slept with the singer in April filed a $20 million lawsuit for infecting her, Sharpton says she made a decision to take action.

Sharpton and another indicter tested negative for herpes, though Bloom claims one of Usher's three most recent accusers does have it. "If you are positive, you need to warn your sex partners". Usher already paid a stylist $1.1 million in 2012 for giving her herpes. Her other two clients, one woman and one man, have opted to remain anonymous. When the case was first reported, the woman did not yet know if she had contracted herpes.

As well, since Raymond has not contacted any of the plaintiffs and left no way for them to contact him following their sexual encounters, the lawsuit argues that they have been unable to directly confirm or deny that he has herpes.

It seems as if the drama surrounding Usher keeps getting messier and messier after the latest accuser chose to hold a press conference detailing why she's the latest suing the R&B singer.

"I feel like my rights were violated", she said adding she chose to join the lawsuit so he "does not do this to anyone else".

Court filings claim that in the event that Usher doesn't have herpes, his conduct has still caused "severe emotional distress" since he has allowed them to worry that he has exposed them to the virus. "I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease; my health is very important to me". Although I was negative, I was upset by the report because I wouldn't have consented if I had known. We hope the reports are not true. Bloom cited the state's law requires a person to disclose if they have a sexually transmitted disease with a partner before intercourse. The unidentified male claims he had oral sex with the R&B crooner, while one of the two women alleges she had vaginal sex with him. The singer, who has had four No 1 albums in the United States, has not publicly commented on the accusations.