How Will It Connect to the Matthew McConaughey-Idris Elba Movie?


Imagine a barren wasteland, bleak and empty.

I did find myself invested in the movie through the touching moments between Chambers and his mother at the beginning and the father-son chemistry of Elba and Taylor throughout.

Sadly, The Dark Tower film took a disastrous turn in its conception.

Based on the eight-part series of books by Stephen King, the film is charged with the hard task of concluding the story, while still appealing to the movie-going masses who know little or nothing of its source material. Directed by Nikolaj Arcel.

The movie certainly had potential.

Some people really hated itBut Idris Elba is in it, guys! Ronald and Jake come back to the earth to save it from The Man in Black by firing a lot of bullets as the gunslinger does.

With the vast amount of events in King's multi-novel series, the TV series will be the ideal way to adhere to the scenes long-time fans would dream to see on screen.

Reshoots are nothing new these days-but the audience's initial verdict that the picture was/is "a mess" feels like a kill shot.

The Dark Tower is on its way to top Detroit at the box office in its opening weekend. The film is dotted with studio-executive fingerprints, left by concerned hands that cut and condensed and softened the movie into something that's almost admirably swift and light on exposition-the film is only 95 minutes long, nearly an hour shorter than some Marvel projects. Mashable's Angie Han says The Dark Tower movie isn't for Dark Tower readers because it's so "lacking in the magic" of Stephen King's work.

TV Guide caught up with Ron Howard about The Dark Tower TV series, which is still on the way despite the radio silence of late. While this means The Dark Tower doesn't overwhelm with its mythology, it also prevents the film from diving into the expansiveness of the world created by King - which was inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings epic.

"There are no gunslingers", the gun-slinging Roland answers him. Something that outlandish probably bears a little more scrutiny before we can properly process and inventory it.

As for the film's action, The Dark Tower doesn't seem to know how to effectively depict Roland's Gunslinger skills in a way that's both original and doesn't completely slow down the pacing of a sequence.

It's no secret that The Dark Tower is held up as Stephen King's greatest achievement. Fans of books like the movies they are based on to reference what's actually in them.

The film was, at least, cast well. Idris [Elba] plays The Gunslinger. But he also does a good, amusing riff on Thor's fish-out-of-water stuff when he travels to New York City. As is, it's an amusing enough performance that is never as fun as it could be.

Truthfully, this movie may be all fans of the book series may ever get, so enjoy it. Normally, this type of character would have things explained to him as the movie unfolded. Still, he's played well by Tom Taylor, who taps into raw emotions naturally and expressively.

'First off I want to thank God, because He's the one I look up to, ' he said.