Trump says Apple will bring 3 manufacturing plants to the US


Apple CEO Tim Cook reportedly told US President Donald Trump that the Cupertino tech-giant is planning on building three, "big, big, big", manufacturing plants in the country.

Trump revealed to The Wall Street Journal that Cook has committed to the plan, although the president would not reveal specific details.

This time, months after many sounded off about the White House's travel ban from six predominantly Muslim countries, a number of leading tech CEOs had their say on Mr Trump's tweets this morning, which said that the United States military "will not accept or allow" transgender individuals to serve "in any capacity". It is also not known if Trump was talking about Apple-owned plants, or plants with investment help from Apple. Another Apple supplier, Foxconn, is looking at new us plants for display panels, according to WSJ. "We're initially putting $1bn into the fund", Cook said in May.

The fact is that Apple is not in the business of controlling its own production anymore. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in May that Apple intends to create a fund with $1 billion in it meant exclusively for investing in U.S. companies that are involved in advanced manufacturing operations. Apple as of late put $200 million in Corning, which supplies cover glass for iPhones, with the expectation of supporting the organization's assembling endeavors, officially situated in Kentucky.

Contrary to public perception, however, Apple does rely on some domestic manufacturing. Gou said in January, "In the future they [American consumers] may be paying some $500 more for [U.S.] products, but those do not necessarily work better than a $300 phone".

Provided that this is true, it doesn't appear like Trump thinks about the qualification, as long as he can state Apple is ending up plainly more required in USA producing.

As it stands, Apple's various products are made in China, and that's no doubt going to remain true for the most part. "The Journal reported on Monday that an announcement on a plant in Wisconsin could come sometime this week".