Free agent Derrick Rose is interested in Cleveland Cavaliers


Kyrie Irving could be on the move sooner rather than later.

The sports world has pilloried Kyrie Irving since Friday, when reports surfaced that the four-time All-Star requested a trade at a meeting with Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert.

Kyrie Irving doesn't want to play with LeBron James anymore.

The Wolves' draft-night acquisition of Butler led to the assumption that Butler, Towns and Wiggins would be Minnesota's Big Three and that free-agent addition Jeff Teague would be the guy running the point. His numbers were OK, he made 2 All-Star teams, but the Cavaliers were never close to making the playoffs, he didn't get along with Dion Waiters (not that hard to do), and before James returned there was talk about Irving being traded or not being the best thing for the franchise. Most expect to see Kyrie Irving in a Cavaliers jersey next season, but with the new office management in Cleveland, anything is possible. The Cavs might need some changes even after they let go of Irving, but it is not impossible. Kyrie has deservedly earned a poor reputation on defense, but with Leonard and Danny Green (if San Antonio can keep him in the Irving trade) flanking him on the wings and Popovich finding ways to hide his deficiencies, his defensive struggles would be minimized. Additionally, Irving averaged more shot attempts than James last season and still averaged a career high in points per game.

Most of all, he's LeBron James' right-hand man, which is why he wants out of Cleveland in the first place. In Cleveland, then in Miami and then in Cleveland again, the fear has always been that The King would pack up and leave when he hits free agency.

The news came as a shock, as the Cavaliers have been to three straight Finals, winning one championship in the process, and seemed poised to continue their run this season.

He is scheduled to make $18,868,625 next year and $20,099,188 in 2018-19 - team-friendly numbers considering Irving's stature. But failed to repeat last season when they lost to the Golden State Warriors in five games. I'm not going to accuse LeBron of such a thing. To prove that he can be the best player on an elite team.