Firefighters save and resuscitate 'lifeless' dog from house blaze


A small dog is alive thanks to firefighters that saved him from a fire in Bakersfield, California.

The poor dog had inhaled smoke and emergency services tried to save him using a specialized animal oxygen mask, as his owner looked on.

In a post on Facebook, Bakersfield Fire Department said that the dog was "pulled from the interior unresponsive, with semi-agonal respirations".

By the end of the video, Jack is sitting up, alert and looking around, though panting heavily.

Firefighters rubbed the dog's chest and used an oxygen mask specially designed for pets to revive Jack. He was then reunited with his anxious owners, a married couple who were unharmed by the fire.

"I thought Jack was going to die", he said.

Both Jack's family and the fire department said they were grateful for the lifesaving gift from the two Girl Scouts. Jack suffered some burns to his feet and respiratory tract injuries.

Jack was under the care of a veterinarian until Thursday, when he was reunited with his owners and his rescuer, Smith.