France puts on military show as Trump marks Bastille Day


Trump, earlier the same day, even told Macron's wife that she was "in such good shape. beautiful".

Donald and Melania visited the French President and his wife in Paris at the Hotel des Invalides this week, where they were taken on a tour of the historical site.

Trump says in a tweet that the military parade featuring USA and French troops was "magnificent".

French President Macron's invitation was offered to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the entry of American troops into the First World War. The president's spouse apparently went for a handshake, while Trump grabbed her by her shoulder and went in for a kiss, which was followed by a lengthy hand holding.

The parade concludes a visit which Mr Macron hoped would boost France's standing on the world stage, despite disagreeing with his American counterpart on policy issues such as climate change.

Trump looked the French first lady up and down before blurting out an awkward compliment of the woman just seven years younger than him.

Mr Macron, in closing the parade, publicly thanked the U.S. for coming to France's aid during the war, saying "nothing will ever separate us".

Trump and Macron are seen walking down a Paris street backed by a marching band and French flag.

Mr Trump had said: "The friendship between our two nations - and ourselves, I might add - is unbreakable".

Trump and Macron shook hands as Trump departed a military parade, and they continued clasping hands as they walked along the parade route.

Macron welcomed Trump with a warm handshake and smiles, a contrast to the clenched-jaw greeting they shared at their first encounter in May.

Macron later called that handshake a "moment of truth" to show he's not a pushover.

Trump pointed to a cease-fire the US and Russia negotiated in a region in Syria and said it was a result of having communication with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Paris celebrations of Bastille Day are expected to end with a spectacular fireworks display fired from near the Eiffel Tower.