Kardashians upset with Rob for posting naked pics, feuding with Blac Chyna


Now TMZ claims Rob's famous family, including sister Kim and his mum Kris Jenner, are not only "ashamed" Rob has hurt their brand with his antics, but they're also anxious about his and Chyna's baby daughter Dream being caught in the crossfire.

After his Instagram account was removed, the reality star moved on to Twitter to rant about the mother of his daughter, claiming that she had cheated on him and spent $100,000 on cosmetic surgery.

Chyna has since responded in a Snapchat and Instagram story, showing herself wearing jewellery while a Drake song plays in the background.

Anyone pursuing the case would have to show that Blac Chyna did not consent to distribution of the images and that they were intended for private use, Shapiro said.

In addition to the cheating accusations, Kardashian claimed some of the men Chyna has allegedly been with more recently are contacting him for money.

On Wednesday morning, Kardashian went on Instagram and Twitter to blast Chyna in a series of angry, graphic posts, which have since been deleted.

Rarri True also posted a video of his phone blowing up with messages and phone calls after Kardashian posted text conversations between the two, exposing Rarri's phone number. The same year, Drake rapped about her in his hit single "Miss Me". The girls understandably were particularly upset when Rob wrote that Chyna "had a baby out of spite" to get back at her ex, Tyga.

The Kardashian's brother could even be arrested for revenge porn for the nude images he uploaded of her online.

In a statement given to People, Walter Mosley, the attorney of Kardashian's ex-fiancée Blac Chyna, said he's investigating what legal actions can be taken against the celebrity. Revenge porn is on the rise because people think anything goes on the internet, but the law is cracking down on offenders, according to Kelley.

We don't know if the family is really pissed at Kardashian for posting the obscene things he did on social media.