Here's how your state representatives voted on the proposed income tax increase


Both bills now head to the Democratic-led Senate, which returns to session on Monday, for concurrence votes.

"The Democrats made matters more complicated by filing a new spending bill within the last 15 minutes", Durkin told reporters after meeting with his caucus.

SB9 would increase income tax rates to 4.95 percent from 3.75 percent. It was backed by a majority of democrats.

Stuart, the Democrat from Edwardsville, said in a statement on her vote against the tax increase, "Families and senior citizens tell me how unaffordable IL has become, and how easy it would be to move across the river".

Not all republicans sided with their party's majority opinion on SB 6. The measure passed the House with one more vote than the threshold necessary to override a gubernatorial veto. The Illinois House has approved an income tax increase as part of a plan to end the nation's longest budget standoff. The Democrats also closed corporate tax loopholes.

Also moving to the Senate is a $36 billion spending plan the House OK'd Sunday. "It's not the best bill, but it's the best bill we've got at hand, and if it saves my school, I'm going to be for it".

Their defiance came after House Republican Leader Jim Durkin, a Rauner ally, noted the deal was not negotiated with the governor and did not represent "an exercise in good faith", given that negotiations involving some of the governor's non-budgetary priorities were shunted to the sidelines. State Rep. Brendon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, sponsored the bill. Bond-rating houses have threatened to downgrade Illinois' creditworthiness to "junk" status without action. He incorrectly characterized it as the "largest tax hike in history" - in fact it's half the percentage increase of the 2011 tax.

In a bid to defuse a complex financial crisis that the state is facing, lawmakers have voted to raise income taxes by a rather dramatic 32%. Rauner has long maintained that he would only agree to higher taxes if Democrats reform workers' compensation, freeze property taxes and ease restrictions on local government consolidation-all changes he says will make IL more economically competitive. "We must have a balanced budget, and if that means that we must increase taxes right now to do it, I, like one of my other colleagues, know I'm probably going to get primaried on this", she said, referring to the possibility of losing her seat in the next primary election. As recently as two days ago we believed that was possible.

Attention turns Monday to the Senate, where lawmakers will consider the budget measures approved by the House a day earlier. Instead, they allowed Mike Madigan to play his political games, passed phony budgets, racked up our debt and inflicted pain on the most vulnerable. "I was not elected as a state legislator to help preside over the destruction of this great state!"