Chinese FM releases pictures showing Indian troops trespassing into Sikkim Section


This is a climbdown for Beijing which earlier ruled out any talks until India withdrew its troops from "Chinese territory". The situation get further complex with Bhutan's claims. There is a territorial dispute between China and Bhutan over Doklam, also known as Donglong.

"The area where Chinese side undertakes road construction totally belongs to the Chinese territory".

In a statement, the government has said that India is "deeply concerned at the recent Chinese actions, and has conveyed to the Chinese government that such construction would represent a significant change of status quo with serious security implications for India".

It's only fair to share.

Lu said the fact of Indian troops crossing into Chinese territory was "undeniable".

On Wednesday, China alleged that Indian troops had crossed the boundary and stopped road construction work.

Rawat had said that India is prepared for security threats posed by China, Pakistan as well as by internal threats.

On June 16, a fairly large People's Liberation Army (PLA) construction party entered the Doklam area accompanied by earth movers and construction equipment and came all the way to a place called Turning Point. Following which, army chief General Bipin Rawat visited Gangtok on Thursday during his routine visit post a scuffle between Indian and Chinese troops. The border with China is accepted by India along Sikkim, so there is no dispute between the two.

New Delhi has also stressed that any move to unilaterally determine tri-junction points violates the 2012 India-China agreement which was signed to finalise the boundary in this region in collaboration with all related countries.

India refusing to back down and deploying its own troops in the area is also an indication of its own opinion on the matter - it will not back down, although it does not even have a single argument to support its claim on the area.

The two sides are trading increasingly stern diplomatic warnings over the new hotspot, a remote scrap of territory where the frontiers of China, India and Bhutan meet.

"A part of the road falls in Bhutan".

"This evidence is recognised by the Bhutan side", Lu added.

Ambassador of the Royal Government of Bhutan (RGOB) had lodged a protest with the Chinese Government through their Embassy in New Delhi on June 20.

It states that India cherishes peace and tranquillity in the India-China border areas.

The India of 2017 is different from the India of 1962, Defence Minister Arun Jaitley said on Friday, a day after China asked New Delhi to learn from its 1962 military debacle.