Vanderbilt suspends three football players involved in Monday shooting


According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Nashville police, three Vanderbilt players were shot by a man who stole one of the players' phones.

Tennyson set up a meeting with the thief at a Target parking lot shortly thereafter and brought teammate defensive backs O'Montae Daley and Frank Coppet along with him in an attempt to get the phone back.

According to reports, Vanderbilt wide receiver Donovan Tennyson put his cell phone up for sale online and met with the buyer at a Chili's restaurant. Police say the three were trying to recover a cell phone that allegedly was stolen from Tennyson; two of the players were shot when trying to recover the phone later in the day.

After Tennyson contacted the thief through a fake account, the three players agreed to meet the seller in a Target parking lot. They pulled up alongside the seller's auto and Coppet got out with the pellet pistol in his hand.

Officials with the Metro Nashville Police Department said one of them took a pellet pistol. When the two individuals in the other auto saw the gun they opened fire-one fired a handgun and the other fired a shotgun. A meeting was arranged, and Daley and Coppet joined Tennyson for the occasion. One man in the Buick responded to the pellet gun by exiting his auto and firing a real handgun; another fired a shotgun at the players.

The gunmen fled after the incident, and police are still investigating.

Vanderbilt released a statement on the incident, stating, "Our foremost concern is the well-being of our students, but it appears their injuries are not life-threatening".

Tennyson saw action as a freshman in eight games last season, carrying the ball four times for 28 yards.

As of Tuesday no charges had been filed against the players.