Growing frenzy outside court as Cosby deliberations wear on


A third day of jury deliberations in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial ended again late Wednesday without a verdict after 12 hours and a half-dozen questions for the judge and read-backs of testimony.

Both Constand, now 44, and Cosby agree the performer gave her pills on the night in question. And so I continue and I go into the area that is somewhere between permission and rejection. "I wanted it to stop".

"We're here because of them", he said, pointing to the benches of reporters covering the trial.

Incidentally, Constand's version of what Cosby supposedly did to her while on prescription Quaaludes in 2004, as documents from a 2005 deposition between Andrea and the actor revealed, as CNN shared, mirrored that of almost 60 other women's experiences with the entertainer between 1965 and 2008, according to Rolling Stone.

As they pored over Cosby's words, the jurors appeared to struggle with some language in one of the charges against him, "without her knowledge". If convicted of the charges, Cosby faces a possible maximum sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison.

Cosby maintained in his deposition that he gave Constand the antihistamine Benadryl to relieve stress and had consensual relations, accusing her of lying.

Bill Cosby's lawyers Brian McMonagle, left, and Angela Agrusa, right, take the elevator to the courtroom during Cosby's sexual assault trial during the second day of jurors deliberations in the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa., on Tuesday, June 13, 2017.

Constand said she woke up, groggy, sore and disheveled, around 4 a.m.

"It's easy to be there for someone when things are good, when business is good, when money is good, when all of these things [are good]", she argued.

The judge had barred her hearsay testimony from the trial, but Wyatt made sure her statement got out.

Jackson said she worked with Constand at Temple University and shared a hotel room with her during occasional trips.

The Rev. Andrew F. Kline, a vicar of a historic black church in Norristown who stopped by the courthouse steps Wednesday to check out the scene, said his congregation is "absolutely" talking about the case given Cosby's place in their lives. "The statement was not accurate". "Knowing Mr. Cosby is to know he's a comedian - there's always a sense of laughter and I'm grateful to see that his spirit hasn't been broken as a result of this process because it's arduous". On Tuesday, the jury heard the officer say he told Constand he wanted "an initial account" and a "narrative of events".

"She said she hadn't". She reported him to human resources, but was told he would get a lecture and no further punishment because he was a "high performer", she wrote. "Simply, you're exhausted, and I respect that", O'Neill said. "I have three friends for you to make you relax". In the deposition, which became public almost two years ago, Mr. Cosby said he gave Ms. Constand three half-tablets of the cold and allergy medicine Benadryl.

In closing statements, they portrayed the actor as a sexual predator who deliberately drugged Constand so she would be unable to resist.

The defense insisted Constand was a willing partner and said she hid the fact that the two had had a romantic relationship when she went to police a year after the alleged assault.

"Still, generally, the longer a jury is out, the better it is for the defense", said Winters.

Constand testified for more than seven hours last week, denying there was any romance between them and telling jurors she had rebuffed his advances before the assault. He further said that, in her first interview, she claimed to have never been alone with his client before the alleged attack, but later contradicted that statement saying that she spent time alone at his home before the alleged assault at a CT casino resort.