Uber to allow tipping for drivers, reversing long-standing policy


Perhaps by design, all three of the new features give Uber a way to make nice with drivers while costing the company itself little to nothing.

"Today, we're making a commitment".

The tipping change is part of a campaign Uber launched Tuesday called 180 Days of Change, pledging to make improvements for the next six months. All Uber drivers in the US should have tipping by then end of July 2017.

The big first change Uber is announcing: it's now allowing users to start tripping. We'll be adding more cities over the next few weeks, and will make tips available to all USA drivers, by the end of July 2017. Uber officials previously rejected the idea, saying tipping would introduce a measure of "uncertainty" to the price of a ride.

This piece has been updated to include Lyft's response. Shannon Liss-Riordan, an attorney who represents drivers in the California and MA lawsuits, welcomed the change.

A sign in front of the 3rd Base Gate entrance indicates to both drivers and passengers where Uber drivers may drop off and pick up patrons at the Atlanta Braves Opening Game at Suntrust Parkin Cobb County, Georgia, on April 14, 2017. It will have to pay another $16 million if it goes public and hits a certain valuation. Drivers will also be happy to find out that Uber is shortening the cancellation window from five minutes to two.

"Tipping is not included, nor is it expected or required", the team added. It also mentioned the possibility of bias entering into the picture, meaning that riders would tip more to certain people, and less to others. Uber drivers will recieve the full amount that they're tipped, with no service fees, the company says.

Once the new feature has been activated, riders will be prompted to offer a tip of $1, $3, $5 or a custom amount, as well as rating the driver as normal.

While Uber did not implement a tipping function, it did clarify its stance on tipping on its website. One of the first steps of this effort is to add tipping to the Uber app.

"All that tipping has helped propel billions in driver earnings".

Also, proposals have been put forward by the The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) that would have forced the company to add the feature or risk having its drivers banned from the city's roads.