Kelly's Alex Jones report seen by just 3.5 million viewers


The program also included a brief interview by Newtown parent Neil Heslin, whose son was killed during the massacre, and a commentary by Tom Brokaw, the former anchor of NBC News, who refuted Jones' claims by stating that viewers "should not have to hear the cruel claim that it's a lie".

Prior to the interview, Kelly released a statement on Twitter June 13 explaining the importance of airing her conversation with Jones.

On Father's Day evening, ABC's repeat episode of "America's Funniest Home Videos" (AFHV) outperformed NBC's "Megyn Kelly", the subject of a firestorm of controversy due to interview subject Alex Jones, Entertainment Weekly reported Monday.

The interview was a segment on "Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly".

Jones' comments about the Sandy Hook shooting-he continues to argue the murderous rampage was a government-sanctioned hoax-were the main flashpoint for many advertisers and viewers.

"Bottom line on NBC's Alex Jones piece: Strong editing gave it an edge & made him look like a kook", tweeted Margaret Sullivan, a media columnist for the Washington Post.

"As in her interviews with Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, Kelly proved unable to generate surprising, interesting, or even novel responses from her subject", Socolow wrote. NBC News Chairman Andy Lack told The Associated Press that the Jones story would be edited with its critics in mind.

Kelly challenged Jones from the start, introducing him as a "radical conspiracy theorist" and promising to confront him on his "notorious lie" about Sandy Hook.

A week before the episode aired, group founded by the parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims dropped Kelly as an event host due to the then-unaired interview. The two frequently interrupted each other as Kelly kept asking if he would admit to his wrongdoing and a visibly tense Jones kept deflecting her questions, blaming the media for distorting his remarks or veering between acknowledging and disputing the tragedy. "The package's heat was sparked only by Kelly's skeptical challenges - largely sidestepped by a stammering, sweaty Jones - and cutaways to Kelly's disapproving facial expressions".