Uber weighs leave of absence for CEO


Kalanick also sent a seemingly inappropriate email to employees that outlined dos and don'ts during a company trip to Miami in which he urged employees to get consent before having sex with a coworker but also alluding to his desire to have sex with staff but couldn't because of decorum and his role as CEO. Holder's recommendations for the company include a shakeup of Uber leadership - including a three-month leave of absence for Kalanick.

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Last week, Uber fired 20 employees after 215 harassment complaints were reviewed by another law firm in a separate investigation.

Kalanick has taken time off in the past two weeks after his mother died and his father was injured in a boating accident. Given how the company still didn't complete its search for a Chief Operating Officer that started in March, it's now unclear who would lead its management in case Kalanick ends up taking a leave of absence.

The company has said that all recommendations from Holder's investigation are to be implemented.

Last week, Uber's head of its Asia-Pacific operation was sacked after he accessed the medical records of a woman who was raped in India during a Uber ride.

Uber's finance chief, Gautam Gupta, last week announced he was stepping down.

His departure was said to be one recommendation of a report by former US Attorney-General Eric Holder about the company's culture and practices.

Experts interviewed by The Associated Press say CEO Travis Kalanick should step aside or at minimum change his behavior for the company to make progress. Fasten, an Uber rival that operates in Boston and Austin, Texas, said it saw a 25 percent ridership increase the week after an Uber boycott started.

"I signed on with the company nearly four years ago and it has truly been the experience of a lifetime helping Uber become the fastest growing company of all-time - spanning 75 countries with over 14,000 employees", Michael wrote in his goodbye letter first posted on The New York Times. He was also present on a trip with Kalanick that resulted in a formal complaint by a female Uber employee.

According to sources speaking with the New York Times, the question of whether Kalanick should take a leave of absense rests in the hands of Garrett Camp, Uber's chairman, and board member Ryan Graves.

Acting on an investigation of Uber Technologies Inc.'s management and culture, the ride-hailing giant's board of directors said Sunday it will "implement all of the recommendations" of its completed report, though it's not entirely clear yet what they are. Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington has strongly supported Kalanick and defended his sudden absence, claiming he was interviewing for a chief operating officer.