Keith Richards pays tribute to former partner Anita Pallenberg


Anita first met the Rolling Stones at their Munich concert in 1965 and ended up dating Brian Jones before she went on to have a relationship with Keith.

Writing on Instagram, next to a picture of herself and Anita, she said: "I have never met a woman quite like you Anita".

Pallenberg is survived by her two children and several grandkids. That led to a relationship with guitarist Brian Jones, but she left him for Richards. She also filmed Performance that year, but Warner Bros. did not release the violent, hallucinogenic film until 1970.

She also dabbled in acting, with roles in the science fiction film "Barbarella" in 1969; "Mister Lonely" in 2007; and a cameo appearance in the popular British sitcom "Absolutely Fabulous" in 2001.

Pallenberg was accused of manslaughter in 1979 after a man named Scott Cantrell killed himself with her gun in the NY home she shared with Richards. Also an extremely bright woman, that's one of the reasons she sparked me. She was Keith Richards' longtime girlfriend until 1980, sharing three children together -Marlon, Angela, and Tara, who died in infancy.

In her later years, Pallenberg got clean and largely dropped out of the public eye, studying fashion and tending to her garden and her grandchildren. "And in a way it's kept me probably more childlike; that's what drugs do to people, they stop emotional growth, so when you come out of it you're kind of 17". She scorned suggestions of a tell-all style biography, telling The Guardian in 2008 that "publishers want to hear only about the Stones and more dirt on Mick Jagger and I'm just not interested...."

Pallenberg was born on April 6, 1942.

Anita Pallenberg walks the runway at the Pam Hogg show at Fashion Scout during London Fashion Week Spring/Summer collections 2017 on September 16, 2016. Pallenberg rose to global fame as part of the ultra bohemian traveling troupe of ur-rock royalty, with social ties that stretched from the Dolce Vita set in Rome to Andy Warhol's factory. She later moved to New York City where she spent time with Andy Warhol's Factory crowd.

Richards, the father of Pallenberg's children, said in a statement she was "a most remarkable woman".

She took a course in botanical drawing at Chelsea's historic Physic Garden and cultivating an allotment in Chiswick.