Geese dump droppings on Disneyland guests, hitting 17 people


The happiest place on earth temporarily brought out a few frowns for approximately 20 people visiting Disneyland on Friday night.

Geese dumped a very un-magical surprise on a group of Disneyland visitors on Friday. CBS LA reported, Hazmat responded to the scene after it was initially believed to be human feces.

The victims (six children and 11 adults) were standing near Sleeping Beauty's castle when the attack flock passed overhead.

No crime occurred - guests hit with fecal matter-appears to be geese that flew over.

"It was clearly goose poop", Sgt Daron Wyatt of Anaheim police said.

Anaheim PD shared that all guests are happy and healthy.

In another tweet, the Anaheim Fire Department tweeted there were "No injuries and no transports".

This, in turn, brought police and firefighters to the Magic Kingdom to investigate.