Naked man accused of damaging officer's cruiser, urinating on vehicle


One deputy came across Andrew Humphries, 18, walking naked around the 8900 block of USA 441. Details on the crash, including whether or not Humphries was driving naked, were not released.

A separate deputy found Humphries walking naked in the 8900 block of South Highway 441 at 7:56 p.m. Authorities say the damage done to the vehicle costs around $700.

WKMG reports a 62-year-old woman drove through the front doors of MCSO Dunnellon District Office Tuesday, deputies said.

The dashcam video inside a Marion County Sheriff's deputy's patrol vehicle captured the scene as Andrew Humphries, 18, was discovered walking nude along a Florida highway earlier this week. After that accident, witnesses told police he walked up to another auto, pulled on the door handle and tore it off when it wouldn't open. "In addition to that, you are absolutely naked, my man, another thing not normal", the deputy said.

The deputy placed him in handcuffs due to his erratic behavior. While sitting there Humphries began to aggressively kick the door, causing $1,000 in damage according to authorities. It's likely that the entire door on the vehicle will need to be replaced.

The Florida Highway Patrol confirmed that Humphries was involved in the crash from earlier.

A man found walking naked down US 441 is facing a pair of criminal mischief charges after damaging sheriff's office vehicles, the Marion County Sheriff's Office said.