Presidential election on July 17


In a press conference in New Delhi, CEC, Dr Nasim Zaidi announced that the last date for filing the nominations for the presidential elections would be June 20.

Current President Pranab Mukherjee's term will end on July 24.

As per the schedule, June 28 is the last day for nominations, while a candidate can withdraw from the electoral battle till July 1. An official notification regarding this will be issued on 14th June and the counting will take place in New Delhi on 20th July. The term of Mukherjee as the President commenced on July 25.

A total of 4896 voters -- 4120 MLAs and 776 elected MPs - are eligible to cast their ballot.

As of now the electoral college is tilted in favour of the NDA.

The Election Commission also said that the polls will be conducted using the paper ballot.

While the ruling National Democratic Alliance (NDA) is confident that it has the numbers to gain support for its candidate, the opposition too is coming together to field a candidate of its own if the government fails to propose a consensus candidate.

So far neither the ruling BJP nor the opposition led by the Congress has declared any presidential candidate.

The Election Commission will announce the date of the presidential election on Wednesday. "If poll needed then it would be on July 17 and counting on July 20", Naseem Zaidi said.

Dr Zaidi said that Lok Sabha Secretary General has been appointed as the returning officer for this election.

Similarly, the chief election commissioner said it has laid down that a candidate can file a maximum of four nomination papers. "These vacancies are part of a continuous process and will be filled up from time to time", Zaidi told reporters.