Fresh from his travels, Donald Trump rails on Twitter about 'fake news'


It was then reported that, in what at least would have been an act of no small naivety, Mr Kushner had previous year asked the Russian ambassador to the USA to establish a secret backchannel using Russia's communication systems to enable the Trump transition team to talk to Moscow. Kelly confirmed his position, then invoked the idea that Russian Federation would be communicating with the White House.

1 interest, really, is the nation. "I will tell you that my dashboard warning light was clearly on, and I think that was the case with all of us in the intelligence community", Clapper said Sunday on NBC's "Meet The Press". "I don't see any big issue here relative to Jared".

The latest reports says Trump adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner proposed a secret back channel between the Kremlin and the Trump transition team.

Kushner spoke with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak about facilitating sensitive discussions to explore the incoming administration's options with Russian Federation as it developed its Syria policy, a person familiar with the discussions told The Associated Press.

Kelly said the back channel may not have been nefarious.

At a minimum, Kushner's chat with the Russian ambassador about establishing a back-channel line of communication is worrisome. "... Back channel communications with people are ways to communicate with people, again not in front of the press, as an example, but that information is not necessarily kept secret from the rest of the government".

A major shakeup could be coming to the White House in the not-too-distant future. I mean, multiple ways to communicate back and forth is a good thing with any country, I think, and particularly a country like Russian Federation, so it doesn't bother me. "... It doesn't bother me".

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that a legal team may review Trump's tweets before they are sent out, while the New York Times said the president has been urged by staff to stop tweeting.

Schiff said he could neither confirm nor deny the reports about Kushner, but if they are accurate, "it's obviously very concerning".

"You have to ask, well, who are they hiding the conversations from?"

"So I don't see a big deal".

US President Donald Trump, who was uncharacteristically quiet on Twitter during his nine-day trip overseas, resumed his favourite past-time today with a tweet storm in which he thundered against "fake news".

"This is a rumor at this point", the minority whip said, adding that he'll defer to Robert Mueller, the special counsel appointed by the Justice Department to investigate Russian role in the 2016 election.

Trump found an unlikely ally in Sen. "I don't trust this story as far as I can throw it".