Five things to know about Andrew Scheer's victory in Conservative race


"I think that passion, that energy that I witnessed when I first got to Parliament is going be exciting and it's going be fun to watch him as the leader of the party".

Candidates like Kellie Leitch risked reducing a decade of multicultural outreach to ashes, in reckless pursuit of the leadership.

Scheer praised Harper, who frustrated social conservatives by shutting down discussion of abortion and same-sex marriage.

For the victor, however, the hard part is still to come: uniting the party and getting it in fighting form in time for the next election in 2019.

After 12 rounds of voting, 10 candidates have been eliminated.

"I reject the idea that in order to beat the Liberals we need to be more like them".

Although he will inherit a fundraising machine that generates twice as much money as the Liberals, a Nanos Research survey last week gave the Liberals a massive 14-point lead.

"I really was blown away by the process", said O'Leary.

Beyond the internal debate, the rise of the so-cons is a gift to the Liberals.

Andrew Scheer is congratulated by Maxime Bernier after being elected the new leader of the federal Conservatives on May 27, 2017.

Falk noted his early support for Scheer and credited the former House of Commons speaker with being able to grow that support further.

Erin O'Toole said what Conservatives need isn't a fixer, but a champion. Bernier's strong support from Canada's young, libertarian-leaning, Trump-inspired new right managed to push Scheer in a positive direction on several important issues, with Scheer pledging last month to defund colleges that do not protect the free speech of students.

"We had a very successful ten year run, it's only been two years since we were in power", said Mike Coates, who for a time was running O'Leary's campaign, of the party's choice to reject a populist agenda. The Liberals could yet make a total hash of things and defeat themselves.

She'd been a longtime supporter of MacKay's, and said she saw similar traits in Scheer: style and substance, a ideal foil to Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A final example of Newton's law in action was Scheer's strategy to concentrate on policies that Conservatives could agree upon.

He's saying a flat out no to carbon taxes.

But the outcome hasn't substantially changed the governing party's narrative. How will it balance the budget and generate growth?

Fortunately for the party, Scheer's greatest strength outweighs his weaknesses. Hard line Conservative leadership contenders - including one who proposed would-be immigrants pass a "Canadian values" test - did poorly.

"When members of our party sat down and thought what do they want?"

"The leader has to bring in those candidates who weren't successful and make sure non-supportive MPs are reassured of the new direction".

For a time, it looked like Canadian conservatives were headed down a similar path.