Melania Trump Seems to Swat Away Donald Trump's Hand


There are a lot of signs that point in the direction that Donald and Melania Trump may even be unofficially separated.

The couple touched down in Rome on Tuesday and waved to the media and spectators after stepping out of Air Force One.

As the US President and First Lady stepped off the presidential plane, he tried to grasp his wife's hand at the top of the staircase, but she pulled away with lightning fast reflexes.

Later, Trump, wife Melania, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner visited Western Wall in Jerusalem. The first lady, however, quickly raised her hand to brush her hair in what appeared to be a snub of her husband. Trump was seen waving to the crowd while reaching for Melania's hand.

Some speculated Donald Trump only reached for his wife's hand after he noticed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was holding hands with his wife as the two couples walked down the red carpet together. But Melania Trump has managed what the entire apparatus of the Democratic Party, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, could not convince the United States voter to do. For now, at least, Melania too falls short of Michelle Obama when it comes to her public profile - she was even accused of plagiarising Michelle's speech at the Republican National Convention a year ago.

In February 2017, another incident took place involving the couple's hand holding in Florida that users were quick to react to on social media as well.

Now, a rather shocking video of the President and First Lady has emerged.

"It looks like she does not want to be First Lady, and it shows", Florida-based consultant Lillian Glass told The News.

The interaction unfolded between the couple as they arrived in the country on Trump's first trip overseas as president.