Israeli joy at Trump visit, but substance lacking


First addressing the deaths of 22 people at a concert Monday in Manchester, England, he called for "a coalition of partners who share the aim of stamping out extremism and violence, and providing our children a peaceful and hopeful future".

"It's so interesting that our meeting took place on this very disgusting morning of death to innocent young people", Mr. Trump said. "So he was putting a lot of pressure on them that it was time to get to the table", noting Trump has "made the point several times".

The US package reportedly includes the renewed sale of precision-guided munitions that had been blocked under president Barack Obama's administration, for fear the Saudis would use them on civilian targets in Yemen, where Riyadh is fighting a war against Iranian-backed Huthi rebels. "But they're losers, just remember that". And it's so interesting that our meeting took place on this very disgusting morning of death to innocent young people.

KEITH: Responding to terrorism and trying to prevent it has been a theme for Trump's whole trip so far. "We must be resolute in condemning such acts in a single unified voice". "I also firmly believe that if Israel and the Palestinians can make peace, it can begin a process of peace all throughout the Middle East and that will be an incredible accomplishment", he said.

David Rubin, a former mayor of the Israeli city of Shiloh, says he was struck by Trump's kind feelings for Israel and he says most Israelis sensed that kindness, too.

Jason Greenblatt, Trump's lead Middle East negotiator who accompanied him to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, will return to the region on Thursday, the Israeli news site Ynet reported.

During a ceremony to mark the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War, Netanyahu emphasized the importance of United States aid to Israel maintaining military dominance in the region. That is completely wrong.

President Trump crossed the imposing security wall separating Israel and the West Bank to meet with Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas in Bethlehem, part of Mr. Trump's quest to jump-start long-dormant Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

In a press conference with Abbas Tuesday morning, he reiterated, "I have committed to try to reach a peace agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians", speaking only in general terms.

Mr Trump vowed America's "absolute solidarity" with the United Kingdom and said that the time had come for the "wicked ideology" behind the attack to be "completely obliterated". I am telling you. That's what I do. They are ready to reach for peace.

Solving the Mideast peace riddle is the task of Trump's son-in-law and jack-of-all-trades troubleshooter, Jared Kushner.

"We all know that".

In a much-awaited speech at the Israel Museum, Trump pledged unstinting support for Israel, vowed that he would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and asserted that Israeli and Palestinian leaders were ready to make peace. Arab nations are closely watching Trump to see whether he is truly capable of becoming a mediator in the Middle East.

Daniel Estrin is Jerusalem correspondent for NPR News.