Google Assistant will generate revenue from online sales


By closing or ignoring this message, you are consenting to our use of cookies. With Android O, another major platform received a major upgrade - Android TV.

We don't really care much about Play Store credits and rewards but for those waiting for the Google Opinion Rewards app to be available in your country, know that it is now ready in Singapore, India, and Turkey.

At its I/O conference this month, Google revealed that Android TV will be getting an overhaul, and in a blog post published yesterday, the company showed off the new-look home screen for Android TV, featuring the long-promised integration of its Assistant. The new home screen organises video content into channels and programs in a familiar way.

Relevant programmes for each channel can be added by individual apps, to be updated when new content is available or dynamically as users access content on the channels.

To acquaint the user with how it works a mock survey will be provided on the home page.

The home screen includes "a quick launch bar for users' favorite apps, and a special Watch Next channel", which serves up content based on each user's viewing habits. The only thing you have to do to earn the rewards are, answer few survey questions and earn Google Play credits in return.

The money will be credited in your Play account.

At the Google I/O 2017, the tech giant recently announced that two billion active smartphones are running on the Android operating system. Android TV has faced strong competition from rival platforms including Amazon Fire TV as well as established players such as Apple TV. Whenever a user makes a successful purchase from the Assistant's results, Google will get a cut from the price of the product for its marketing efforts.