Microsoft elaborates upon Xbox One vs Project Scorpio frame rate parity policies


"Developers will be free to deliver any frame rates as they desire for their games and it is up to them to do what they like to do", Ybarra replied.

While Microsoft has been mostly mum on its souped up new Xbox One, Project Scorpio, ahead of E3 next month (except to say that there are "no issues" and it's coming this year), Twitter has granted us one tidbit: Microsoft won't mandate games run at the same framerate between Xbox One and Scorpio.

Replying to a follower who said that there may need to be an equalizing factor for cross-console (xbox One to Scorpio) multiplayer, as there will be an advantage to the Scorpio owner in terms of frame per second.

The big benefit is that they're free to explore how good of a game they can make with a system that at the moment has undefined limits in the public eye, which could make for titles that look unbelievable compared to, say, a PC counterpart. Furthermore, they want to make use of the Scorpio's hardware and capabilities will be entirely up to them.

However, as much as developer freedom, part of Scorpio's pitch has always been that players could play the same games across both Xbox consoles. "We have no requirements limiting framerate or fidelity", he said. Microsoft on the other hand claims their upcoming Xbox Scorpio console is the most powerful console ever released and they are also planning to price it much higher like close to $600 so as to equip it with intensely powerful graphics card and processor.

The problem, however, appears to be the result of Bungie and publisher Activision wanting their game to look the same on PlayStation and Xbox platforms, rather than Microsoft holding back developers for cross-console generation parity reasons.

But of course, the game will still make its debut on the PS4 Pro but with a slightly lower specification. We're still a little in the dark.Ybarra's answers lead to some more questions and we expect better answers as time goes by.