Twitter Changed Their Privacy Policy, So Update Your Settings


Finally, to reflect these "improvements", Twitter also announced that it has updated its Privacy Policy.

If you haven't told Twitter your age or gender, Twitter guesses for you: the company says, '"If you haven't added a gender, this is the one most strongly associated with your account based on your profile and activity". If you understand this is the case then there is likely no problem and you have the option to ignore the ads that get placed in your timeline as you use the product.

The policy is centered around tracking its users and tailoring ads and content to fit their interests.

Microsoft did this recently with Windows 10 and the Creators Update release after taking a lot of heat about its telemetry collection.

Fire up the Twitter app on your phone or tablet, or visit the Twitter website, and you'll probably be greeted by a message inviting you to check your settings.

Many are calling it creepy and odd, but on January 18 Twitter is set to launch a new "privacy" setting that will inform advertisers where you've been on the web.

'If you have the "Track where you see Twitter content across the web" setting enabled in your "Personalisation and data" settings, we may consider your visits to other websites that integrate Twitter content (such as embedded timelines),' it said.

I do not get too wrapped around the axle when it comes to these kind of things but I know it is often a big concern for others. As part of these changes, Twitter will no longer honor Do Not Track settings. I learned that I am part of 11,987 audiences from 1,907 advertisers.

You can see your Twitter partner interests here.

Twitter has discontinued support of the Do Not Track browser preference.

Along with being able to view or modify that data, users can request a list of advertisers that have targeted them. Twitter has confessed that some of its partnership agreements does allow them to connect non-personal and device-level data to be tallied with your name and email, unless you intentionally and actively choose otherwise. Fortunately, Twitter has provided you with a way to opt out of much of that advertising.

The changes to Twitter will become effective on June 18. Do Not Track is supported by most major browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. There are granular personalization controls below.

If you have an interest marked "Women's Shoes" and don't want to receive ads about footwear, you can uncheck that point.

However, there's also categories included based on your personal information - it knows an iPhone 6S is used to access Facebook, as well travel data used to know classify a "frequent traveller".

For those who wish to remove all personalised advertising from their Twitter experience, select the "Disable all" button on the "Personalisation and data" page.