Trading For Paul George Isn't A Good Idea For NBA Teams


The NBA's new new collective bargaining agreement is responsible for the quirk, which allows a team to sign a player on their second contract to a maximum deal above the typical rate for their service time. "Obviously I feel like I should be a first-team player, but it is what it is". Players eligible for the super max have to meet certain criteria, one of which is being named to one of the three All-NBA teams.

That means that neither George nor Hayward is eligible for the new "designated player veteran extension" and their teams have less leverage in trying to retain them in free agency.

For Houston's James Harden, there was affirmation.

IN can still offer George a fifth year on his next contract and higher annual raises than any other team, so they still technically have an advantage over everyone else.

George wasn't the only player to lose out on money from the selections.

"I think with Boston and L.A. getting No. 1 and No. 2, I think it makes it highly unlikely that Butler and George are involved in trades with those two teams", Wojnarowski said when asked about "big moves" from the Celtics and Lakers.

So if Miami, or any other team, swings a deal for George it would have to come with an assurance that it can re-sign him next summer. Had he made the list, the Pacers would have been able to offer George the extension immediately, and if the forward passed on the bloated contract, one would imagine IN would have no reason to wait on a trade.

DeRozan getting love is understandable given he had a career season (27.3 PPG) and helped lead the Toronto Raptors to the third seed in the Eastern Conference despite Kyle Lowry missing a good chunk of the season. Obviously, though, a $200+ million guaranteed contract extension offer would have tested George's conviction.

George's options currently are the following: sign an extension with the Pacers although there is no financial incentive to do so before hitting free agency in 2018 or demand a trade right now. And this is where the situation could get complicated for the Lakers.

George was not among the six forwards selected to the three teams Thursday. The Pacers would certainly prefer not to watch Paul George leave the IN with nothing to show for it, so the organization may look to move the Fresno State product this offseason IN order to get back some value.