Milwaukee Sheriff Clarke takes job with Homeland Security


There was new reaction Thursday, May 18th following the announcement from Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke that he plans to resign and take a job in President Donald Trump's administration - within the Department of Homeland Security.

The position of assistant secretary does not require Senate confirmation.

"I'm both honored and humbled to be appointed to this position", he said during the interview with WISN Milwaukee.

Sheriff Clarke has been under intense scrutiny due to four deaths, including a newborn, that occurred inside of the jail he oversees.

"They feel like they're being ignored", Clarke said of his counterparts in local law enforcement. "He's probably not going to say much more until the official announcement, but he's excited".

Clarke said Wednesday that he had informed Gov. Scott Walker of his decision to take the federal post and expected to advise Walker on the appointment of a successor to complete his term.

The Milwaukee County District's Attorney's Office is considering charges against those staffers, based on a jury's recommendation after prosecutors presented them with evidence during a weeklong inquest.

Clarke has been vocal about his many controversial stances in politics; he was an adamant supporter of Trump during the campaign and accused the electoral process of being rigged.

Clarke became the subject of national scrutiny when inmate Terrill Thomas died of dehydration after being deprived of water for seven days in a Milwaukee County jail.

Since the inauguration, the sheriff has drawn protests in Milwaukee for taking steps to allow corrections officers to conduct immigration enforcement in his jails.

"What happened ... had little to do with police use of force - it was a collapse of the social order where tribal behavior leads to reacting to circumstances instead of waiting for facts to emerge", Clarke wrote.

In one clip, Clarke said that "so numerous actions of the Occupy Movement and Black Lives Matter transcends peaceful protest and violates the rule of law we rely on". He has stood for election and won the office three times since. "I pray for the sake of human life that Sheriff Clarke has learned from the horror show that he has left behind in Milwaukee County". Through the efforts of thousands of Milwaukee citizens, local and state officials, and advocacy groups like Voces De La Frontera, Sheriff Clarke faced warranted scrutiny and saw the best way to make Milwaukee great again was to jump ship.

"In January, Clarke threatened violence to fellow air passengers saying, 'next time he or anyone else pulls this stunt on a plane they may get knocked out.' That threat came after a passenger on a plane shook his head at him".