Windows 10's upcoming Story Remix feature will help identify best photos & videos


However, Microsoft has recently announced at its during its Build developer conference in Seattle, that it will bring three different Linux operating systems: Ubuntu, Suse, and Fedora to its Windows 10 store. The functionality of using Linux inside Windows 10 is said to be a tactical move made by Windows in order to bait programmers to use Windows 10 and hence, providing a dual platform for developers. This new update lets Windows 10 users switch between multiple devices, and pick up where they left off - whether it's browsing, using productivity apps or playing movies.

The iTunes app will get iPhone support with users getting the same iTunes experience.

Reuters/Shannon StapletonA Microsoft logo is seen at a pop-up site for the new Windows 10 operating system at Roosevelt Field in Garden City, New York.

Also in the works is the Microsoft Fluent Design system, aimed at helping developers create applications that work well across a range of devices and input types.

Linux vs Windows has been the debate amongst most of the advanced computer users and developers. This feature will provide users a timeline of their activities given a specific date and time.

Acer's product is among the slate of virtual-reality headsets designed for Windows 10 that Microsoft says are coming. The Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers will allow responsive tracking of movement using sensors in a Windows Mixed Reality headset.

Myerson said the new motion controllers are the first that don't require the installation of markers, hardware devices that are usually placed on walls to provide accurate motion sensing and mixed-reality responses in physical spaces. With Windows 10 being the last monolithic release of Windows, Microsoft has taken to naming its major updates, the most recent of which was the Creators Update. This app shows off Microsoft's new universal app features, new machine learning capabilities, and online services put together in an "evolution of the Photos app" that can be used to make personalized videos from a collection of photos and video clips.