Sega planning "revival of past IPs" moving forward


This information was revealed in Sega's "Road to 2020" presentation document which the company released at the end of the latest fiscal year. But why, when they have so many other great IPs to choose from? These plans include the company changing its business focus from device-centric to IP-centric.

However, SEGA will actually ship less games this year: it'll only ship 21 packaged titles in FY2018 versus the 26 it shipped in FY2017.

Sega also laid plans to "create titles that will become global hits", with Gaming Respawn quoting from the presentation that Sega wishes to expand current IPs and acquire new ones.

Sega has not done much with a lot of franchises.

So what does this mean exactly?

A long-awaited PC port for the 2010 sci-fi shooter Vanquish will finally be headed to Steam on May 25, but this is merely the warm-up to the release of some of SEGA's bigger IPs throughout 2017. Perhaps we'll even see more obscure games like Samba de Amigo or Eternal Champions?

Sega explains that it doesn't want to work backward from the platforms it's working on.

Nintendo has enjoyed success with this strategy, as has EA and especially Activision-Blizzard with Hearthstone. SEGA expects to rake in 6.1 trillion yen on mobile alone in 2018, compared to 3.9 trillion yen on PC and 2.3 trillion yen on consoles. In addition to the exhumation of some older IPs, SEGA has also made expanding existing IPs and challenging for new IPs a major focus going forward, as well as more "effective utilization of development engines".