Turkish Prez Recep Tayyip Erdogan to meet Trump on May 16


The Turkish leader has expressed his hope that the U.S. is ready to reload the relation between two countries.

Erdogan's opponents cast the move as pushing Turkey, a democracy, closer to authoritarianism. They up-armor the vehicles with steel plating so that small arms can not stop them. or they use US-made armored vehicles looted in 2014-15 from the storehouses of the then-defeated Iraqi army at Mosul. Erdogan perceives the YPG as a wholly owned subsidiary of the PKK, and hence the Pentagon as a material supporter of terrorism. However, the U.S administration considered the group "reliable partners" on the ground and expanded its support for the group following the Kobani crises.

Turkey and the United States can join forces to turn the Islamic State group's de-facto capital of Raqa in neighbouring Syria into a "graveyard" for the jihadists, the Turkish president said today. In fact, the overlap among the recruited members of these groups leaves no doubt about the overlap.

"The U.S. has found a partner east of the Euphrates and wants to strengthen that entity [the PKK/PYD]".

"We have also been told by the United States that Kurdish groups will not stay in Raqqa; the demographic of the region will not change". But the U.S.is convinced they are the most effective local fighting force against IS. It appears as though Erdogan might have wanted to test Trump to see if he'd back away from the YPG, and didn't get the answer he hoped. Not only does Turkey have a greater stake in defeating Islamic State and ending the civil war on its southern border, but drifting away from the West and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation toward Russia's orbit would result in an economic disaster for a nation whose economy is looking increasingly vulnerable. "We have for many years received support from the anti-Daesh coalition. But this is not about money for us; we will continue with our end of the agreement".

If there's any improvement in U.S. The Kurds of Afrin are also locked in a struggle with the Sunni Arab fundamentalists and so have a tacit alliance with Assad (though they are at odds with Damascus in some ways due to their demand for a decentralized, federal Syria).

Cevik claimed in his column in Yeni Birlik that US generals who say the FSA has not proved itself on the battlefield "are trying to cast a shadow over our successes in Syria by lying to Trump and his men". With this help, the old USA administration demonstrated that the new administration still did not have a chance to think through the future of the US policy in the region. We can not do what they are asking while we are facing such a terrorist threat: not a threat just to us, but Europe. These are the people who have to handle the outcomes of this problematic policy in the region. Is it the case that we will not be accepted because we are a Muslim country?

Agence France Presse reported, quoting diplomatic sources as saying that, senior Israeli official telephoned Turkey's ambassador on Tuesday to express indignation over Erdogan's accusation that Israel is a state of apartheid and anti-Muslim discrimination. "Although the US speaks in favor of Syria's territorial integrity, such steps show it does not really agree", Yilmaz told reporters in parliament. Just think how much time this indecision has cost us and what it equates to in human life.