Halo Gets a Little Closer to Real with a Cortana Hologram


Microsoft recently announced that its internet-connected speaker will debut this fall. The device will only be available in the US. However, Cortana's skills can be extended beyond these as Microsoft demonstrated at the conference. Just this week, Microsoft unveiled the Invoke, a Cortana-powered Echo rival, manufactured by Samsung subsidiary Harman Kardon.

Microsoft announced that it has struck partnerships with HP and Intel to launch Cortana powered Bluetooth speakers to compete with the likes of Google Home and Amazon Echo. The SharePoint site, OneNote, and Planner data APIs are all generally available as of today, so they're ready for developers to use in a production environment.

Archer, who runs the YouTube channel 'untitled network, ' explained the work that went into developing the hologram appliance, with it utilizing Microsoft's Cortana voice recognition service in order to create a visual AI personal assistant.

The point of new gadgetry like the Invoke, says Ash, is simply to provide more of that choice, and new ways for people to interact with Cortana.

The technology giant has developed the speaker called "Invoke" in collaboration with German audio company Harmon Kardon.

Here's something you haven't seen from Amazon's Alexa and Google Assistant. Looking to the future, and merely speculating, HP could hypothetically make tiny touchscreen PCs running Windows and powered by Cortana. There are also some new Insights APIs, which will soon be coming to preview, "let developers build smarter processes by leveraging relationships between users and documents". If they've already created an Amazon Alexa skill, they'll be able to import that and use it as the basis for a Cortana counterpart, too. Ask us how we can help you meet your goals.