France's Le Pen Calls For Anti-Terrorism Intelligence Sharing With Moscow


"Millions remain undecided and almost half of likely voters say they could still change their minds", AFP reported Wednesday.

Le Pen also is seeking loans to help fund her campaign, and has accused major European Union banks of refusing to give her the money because they oppose her candidacy.

"I have always pressed for the abolition of sanctions, which I regard as counter-productive". "And I think it would be beneficial to exchange".

"I am, of course, aware of the ongoing election campaign in France".

"We reject the diplomacy of threats, the diplomacy of sanctions, the diplomacy of blackmail that the European Union has been using increasingly often, not only against Russian Federation, but also against its own members", TASS cited the French politician as saying.

"Military conflicts and attempts to evade them considerably cut the financial inflow into the economy and agriculture and that is why desperate youth is sometimes try joining terrorist organizations", she said. France is paying a great price because of terrorism. Le Pen has countered by saying that "if any English or American bank would offer money I would gladly accept it".

Le Pen, who has said she admires the Russian leader, was visiting Russia at the invitation of Leonid Slutsky, head of the lower house of parliament's foreign affairs committee, Russian news agencies reported.

The pair did not discuss the possibility of Russian Federation offering any financial help to her political party, according to Mr Peskov.

Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told reporters that Russian Federation was not seeking to influence the upcoming French election but had the right to communicate with French politicians.

Deputy director of the Institute of Political Studies, Daria Grevtsova, in turn, noted that Marin Le Pen has a good chance of winning the elections.

Ms Le Pen is widely expected to one of two candidates to progress past the first round of the presidential election in April.

Mr Putin's spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, told a press conference the visit had nothing to with fundraising for Le Pen's French presidential candidacy.

Le Pen has visited Moscow on several occasions, enjoying positive Russian state media coverage.

In addition, Marine Le Pen spoke about the stupidity of sanctions imposed on Russian Federation.