BioWare Responds to Mass Effect Criticism


Upon getting started with the game, players get to see a small cut-scene showing off the Andromeda Initiative leaving Milky Way for a new home. It contains a dizzying amount of content, but the quality fluctuates wildly. Yes, the model here is very much like Mass Effect 3, with various rarities for unlockable characters, weapons, mods and so on.

As with all Bioware games there is a lot of dialogue and certainly at the beginning there is a great deal of conversation and exposition to get through.

If you're a game developer (or industry-focused reporter), it's not easy to talk about how features in a game are "bad" since some part of your brain is no doubt muttering "there but for the grace of God go I".

Andromeda also has many environments to offer. Again, the only thing that really bogs this down a bit is the clunky menu design, but there's very little wasted in the way of materials or currency in Mass Effect Andromeda.

First, and simplest, is visiting all the planetary systems and scanning them to see what you can find - mineral resources, new technology, and intel are yours for the taking.

With the animations you have to make a decision, as a player, about whether they ruin the game to a degree that you can't possibly enjoy it - and, you know, for me they've never come close to that.

In a way, Mass Effect Andromeda's greatest strength, the huge amount of things to do, is also its greatest weakness. In fact, I'm pretty sure I'm not going to finish this game. Well, sort of. It's still just a different way to click through menus, but Mass Effect: Andromeda's menus are bloated enough that this feels like a significantly more efficient way to do it.

Perhaps the most discussed bug of the time, though, was the Galaxy Droid, an easily replicatable bug that gave you an extra crewmember who would take you to whatever planet you wanted - including warping you to the end of the game, or allowing you to revisit planets that had been destroyed.

Perhaps Mass Effect Andromeda will serve as a wake-up call for BioWare, letting them realize that it's time to evolve beyond the change of setting and cast.

NVIDIA already rolled out its GeForce Game Ready 378.92 driver that is now downloadable via the GeForce Experience. In Dragon Age: Origins I created more characters than I can count. If you hold visual presentation above all else, then Mass Effect: Andromeda will indeed disappoint.

By this point in Andromeda I have dozens of subquests, several operational colonies, and a giant crew that I'm still trying to work out.

Once you are done customising your version of Ryder, don't forget to do the same for his/her twin depending on whether you are playing as male or female. Although maybe not as much as the widely reported tech issues.