Android O preview is now available (if you're courageous enough to flash)


The developer preview is basically created to give developers the opportunity of how the latest Android build works with their apps. Android 8 or Android N is supposed to merge Andromeda for a smoother experience. On Tuesday, Google shared the latest version of its mobile operating system with developers, allowing them to explore some of the additions and changes that will be featured in the update. This first wave of software for the upcoming operating system will be available for those who design applications for Android. Android O will be Android 8.0, following Android Nougat which was Android 7.0.

As of yet the beta program hasn't been announced, that will come later on when things are "stable".

Android O also tries to bring order to the deluge of notifications we get on our phones.

Google has already confirmed that they will update their smartphone line this year. Billed as an "incremental maintenance release", the update didn't include many new features. It appears that Android O is going to have the ability to sync across all devices, which would really be nice. Around this time past year, we were introduced to Android N (which would later be called Nougat). Case in point: the first wave of rumors about Android O has started coming in.

The Android parent has been putting a lot of emphasis on multi-tasking abilities as of late. That is one rumor though that can not be confirmed at this point in time. This feature would remember what you did last without messing with all of the text handles. In the same way as you now install a custom keyboard, with Android O you'll be able to download autofill providers. Developers can then provide feedback though Google's internal Issue Tracker tool, which is reportedly a more robust version of its previous feedback loop. This allows you to send data at high speed between devices. Expect the Google Assistant to be included in this new tool, according to the report.

The company is also introducing the AAudio which could result in improved low latency audio.

As you can see in the graph above, the next build of O will arrive in May, likely during I/O 2017. And to other Android device users that don't have Nougat yet, please be more patient and understand too.

Google unleashed its Android 7.1.2 Nougat developer preview update recently and claimed that this is merely just another incremental maintenance release.