142 criminally charged illegal immigrants released by Travis County


The release of the list coincides by a published report suggesting that Travis County was targeted for heightened ICE action in retaliation for Sheriff Sally Hernandez's more nuanced approach to immigration policy locally, reserving ICE detainer requests for undocumented felons rather than misdemeanants.

Trump has vowed to crack down on local law enforcement agencies that fail to comply by withholding federal funding.

Travis County was far and away the Texas leader in declining ICE detainers, according to the report, which mentioned only two other Texas counties. It says Hennepin County failed to honor two requests to detain individuals from Mexico for ICE. Still, she has insisted she does honor ICE requests when accompanied by a court order or judicial warrant, an assertion backed by her own regularly compiled lists of detainer statuses found on the Travis County Sheriff's Office website.

He noted that more than half of the unidentified immigrants listed in the report were not yet convicted of a crime.

Other counties in California listed in the report are Los Angeles, Alameda, Madera, Orange and Sacramento.

ICE detainers have always been opposed by immigrant and civil rights advocates, who argue that, in the absence of a warrant from a judge, they amount to unconstitutional demands by the federal government for local authorities to detain people without probable cause.

President Trump in January ordered Homeland Security to issue a weekly list of crimes committed by noncitizen immigrants and to identify agencies that refused to hold those people in jail on civil immigration-violation charges until federal agents could pick them up.

US Magistrate Judge Andrew Austin made the statements during a hearing for a man who was arrested by Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) agents in a courthouse.

"This unsubstantiated claim is offensive to me and the communities that I and the men and women of the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office proudly serve", he said. Washington County, like every other county in OR, does not honor U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement detainer requests.

The group's executive director, Tom Cochran, said in the statement that ICE's report "promotes the false narrative that immigrants are criminals" and "ignores due process" and provisions of the Fourth Amendment "that there be a warrant for a jurisdiction to hold someone who would otherwise be released".

During the week covered in the first report, ICE nationally issued more than 3,000 "detainers", or requests to hold inmates for immigration agents.

After The World-Herald called Sampson, the sheriff contacted ICE.

ICE detainers have been a controversial issue for years, as several federal courts have ruled that local authorities are under no legal obligation to honor them.

Monday's report covers the period of time from January 28 to February 3. "You don't release a person from your custody if ICE is looking for them". Other jurisdictions have passed local ordinances barring cooperation with ICE.

We should all be disturbed by ICE's use of propaganda to try and coerce communities into doing something that they believe makes them less safe. More broadly, immigrants have begun to retreat from courthouses to avoid being detained and deported by ICE. Rumors and reports that recent ICE operations are specifically targeting Travis County (Texas), apart from normal operations, are inaccurate.