'The Walking Dead': What will happen to Sasha and Rosita?


The most recent "The Walking Dead" episode is considered to be one of the best ones of the season so far. Maybe I'm the cure!' High shot, the whole thing.

FAVORITE SCENE: That moment between Maggie and Daryl. Last night, AMC was broadcasting episode 14 and at the same time gave its acclaim to the series.

After all this time, Daryl has not faced Maggie.

Daryl then turned around, crying and apologizing, despite Maggie insisting Glenn's death was not his fault. "I have to earn my action figure, right?" he quipped. "Do you really think we're going to be anxious about things like that?" Pulling a fast one on Rosita, it was Sasha who ended up going in guns a-blazin', leaving us wondering if she'll survive this suicide mission. Rosita swallowed her pride and admitted she was hurt by Abraham's decision to leave her for the more independent Sasha.

It's frustrating enough for viewers to endure Rosita and Sasha's selfish, reckless plan to go after Negan.

But the writers decided we need an extra twist before this year's finale. But their entire plan to kill Negan is ridiculously flawed.

McBride tried to separate herself from her character, Carol, who has evolved from housewife to heroine.

"The most impressive thing is that he's this awful person doing frightful things to characters you love but he had this spark that's engaging". Rosita and Sasha continue their infiltration-that is until Sasha locks Rosita out of the compound. But Rosita delivers the key to success, [with] her presence and skill, and the sniper rifle. Ah well, would've made for much less interesting television. And that focus doesn't break because I have the same take that Rosita does, that Eugene is most likely playing an angle. Especially about Maggie and Daryl, since they both can't be found by the Saviors or else they'll probably be killed. Eugene, who is now a captive of Negan, appears to have surrendered to the sadist ruler, but this may just be a hard phase for him as many suspect he is planning something secretly. He might not tell Negan, but he does play the part of an incredibly cowardly person who's comfortable in his new Savior role.

Combining Kirkman and Morgan's efforts with the character, audiences' responses have been exactly what the writer was aiming for. The actor, who has a background in comedy, referenced Abraham's "Stage Two Badass" speech from last season and noted that this is Eugene's way of adapting to Negan's world.

With that, the Saviors take the Hilltop's doctor away. While Eugene works against Rosita, Dwight's going to work with her. Is it Daryl coming to the rescue?

"I was burning inside when I heard Robert [Kirkman] talk about how charming [Negan is]", Cohan said.