Trump's Budget Would Eliminate Many Building Industry Programs


Sheryl Braxton, who relies on public housing, explained at a hearing in New York City this week that her community needs reinvestment, not less funding. "We know there's a lot of issues that VA needs to address, they have a lot of pressure on them to turn things around and we're anxious to look at the full budget and how it breaks down". The National Institutes of Health stands to have its medical research budget cut by 18 percent under the new proposal, amounting to a $6 billion drop, while the Energy Department's Office of Science would lose $900 million and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration would lose $250 million.

The $1.5 billion allocated for the proposed wall is what the administration felt they could spend on it this year, but Mulvaney explained that there would be a more in-depth analysis and more money for the project in the budget document coming this May. Apparently, low-income families are not considered to be part of this demographic.

So while we are encouraged that cuts to administrative and regulatory agencies would likely lead to less government intrusion into people's personal and economic liberties, the overall size of government would be just as big as it was under Barack Obama. The president very clearly wants to send a message to our allies and our potential adversaries that this is a strong power administration.

The budget would also "rebalance" federal contributions to research funding.

Among the programs facing budget cuts was the Fogarty International Center, which provides global funding to research programs in healthcare.

HHS preparedness grants: These will be restructured to "reduce overlap and administrative costs and direct resources to States with the greatest need".

"This budget proposal has nothing to do with draining the swamp and everything to do with hurting regular Americans", National Treasury Employees Union President Tony Reardon said in a statement. We consider that to be a waste of your money.

Later in the day, Mulvaney defended the president's budget at the White House news briefing. He says the government has spent billions of dollars with little to show for it.

But offsets alone are not enough to get us out of the trillions of dollars of debt, according to Justin Bogie, senior fiscal policy analyst for the Heritage Foundation. All climate change programs to which the USA had committed at the United Nations would be cut.

Anti-poverty advocates insist there is evidence that not helping the poor will hurt in the long run.

"Slashing EPA's overall budget by more than a third means the agency can not adequately enforce our clean air and clean water safeguards", she says. But the proposal falls short of what veterans organizations requested in their annual set of published recommendations compiled by Disabled American Veterans, Veterans of Foreign Wars and paralyzed Veterans of America.