Lonzo Ball's scary fall interrupts UCLA's first-round NCAA tournament win


Aaron Holiday came off the bench to post 15 points and 11 assists.

Ball had 10 points in the first 10 minutes and Leaf had 16 by halftime as the Bruins stretched the lead to 17. The former Kent State wideout was all in favor of Barkley's jersey choice, as he expressed on Twitter.

"I have some animosity toward the UCLA program at this particular moment", Sir Charles said on the pregame show. Walker left his calling card with 23 points. The Bruins went a superb 29-4 in the PAC 12, but went down to Arizona in the conference tournament semifinals. These two make for a significant portion of UCLA's offense and should be more than enough for Kent State to have to handle.

LaVar Ball averaged 2.2 points for Washington State in 1988-89 and Barkley made sure to point that out. USC and UC Davis played in their first NCAA Tournament proper games after wins in their play-in contests, while UCLA got it's charge rolling with a first round match up against Kent State. He proudly sported a Kent State jersey during the telecast on Friday and admitted he will be openly rooting against UCLA.

Ball stayed in the game through UCLA's win after initially looking a little hobbled. He had 15 points, four rebounds and three assists against Kent State.

Now, the Bruins will move on and will be tasked with going up against No. 6-seeded Cincinnati Bearcats. They haven't demanded almost enough media exposure as the nationally-ranked Bruins, but they are a team that knows how to win and very well may give the Bruins a good fight.

Along with that, they need to keep feeding Troy Caupain.

Despite the hot start by UCLA, Kent State refused to quit.

"He didn't have a chance to get his hands out to brace himself", Bryce Alford said. Should UCLA fans be concerned? This will be a game between teams with very different styles, as the Bruins like the free flowing, high scoring ball while the Bearcats will scratch and bite trying to overpower their opponents.

He didn't mince words when asked why all of a sudden he was showing such strong support for the Golden Flashes.

When it comes to sharing the ball, saying UCLA takes the advantage is an understatement.

Presnell has led the Broncos to 10 straight wins, the 2017 Mountain West championship and an NCAA Tournament berth, where they will play against the Bruins at 4:30 p.m. Saturday (ESPN2). You really couldn't have asked for a better game from Goloman, considering the circumstances. They have been able to accomplish this feat while only committing 542 fouls during the season, giving them a.33 block-to-foul ratio, making them 7th in the nation in this category.