GOP rep splits with Trump on Meals on Wheels


The White House announced plans this week to cut funds from a grant program that provides money for the Meals on Wheels Program.

The budget cut the funding in order to finance a big increase for the military and begin paying for the US-Mexico border wall. "To take the federal money and give it to the states and say, 'Look, we want to give you money for programs that don't work.' I can't defend that anymore". "And Meals on Wheels sounds great". "We're going to have to do a retraction in the number of meals that we have until we can really know where we are and what we're doing going forward", Faris says. "They support a variety of different programs - including, in part, Meals on Wheels - that effects [sic] a lot of Americans". "Or not pay very many bills and eat", she said. The alternative to that is - if these people have to leave their home and go into assisted living, if they're low income, taxpayers pick up that tab, that's $35,000 to $40,000 a year.

Both Dennis Kaufman with legal services and Mason Kaufman with Meals on Wheels are optimistic that congress will step in and restore most if not all of Trump's proposed cuts.

He said there's some proof that Meals on Wheels helps reduce seniors' needs for medication and decreases hospitalization. Lee estimates that at least 500 additional homebound Korean seniors in Queens are eligible for the program but not able to take advantage of it.

Meals on Wheels People delivers food to the doors of seniors in OR and Washington, and has locations to meet for lunch.

They also serve food from the program at it's Adult Day Centers, which provide programs and activities for the elderly - many of whom suffer from dementia and other cognitive impairments.

Those in charge of Pasco's program say they've had to handle threats to the budget before.

In his statement that accompanied the budget, called "America First", Trump said: "To keep Americans safe, we have made the tough choices that have been put off for too long".

The program served about 2.4 million seniors previous year, including more than 500,000 veterans.

The proposed federal cuts include removing $3 billion from the Department of Housing and Urban Development's Community Development Block grants. The president's budget would also completely eliminate federal funding for arts programs.

Meals on Wheels Western Michigan produces 2,500 meals daily in their Grandville kitchen, says Lisa Wideman, their director of operations. A little over a quarter of their funding comes from the federal government.

"The problem with a skinny budget is it is lean on details", Hollander said.