Iron Fist review - Netflix and Marvel stumble with uninteresting origins story


It's kind of like the experience you'll have watching "Iron Fist". Claire has been a standout in every previous season of the Netflix and Marvel hero series, but Iron Fist allowed her to take more agency and join the fight.

Iron Fist even makes one of the gravest mistakes a martial-arts story can: The fight scenes are middling.

The Hollywood Reporter's Dan Fienberg wasn't impressed with the show's star, writing "It's unclear if Jones" lack of physical authority is dampening "Iron Fist's" ability to be an action show or if "Iron Fist's' lack of interest in being an action show has negated Jones' ability to display physical authority". You can even find a few of them on Netflix.

After you binge-watch the first season of Iron Fist, you may be interested in knowing that Saturday brings the final season of The Vampire Diaries to Netflix. There is no denying that the series relies heavily on tropes of the comic book and soap opera genres, but to say this is inherently a bad thing is misguided and smacks of lazy writing. There was spectacular source material there for the taking. Danny Rand is indeed a pussy of rich, who returns after 15 years of absence in his native NY for Take over the family business which weighs billions. Danny faces villains in the streets and in the boardroom, including David Wenham as Harold Meachum, a former associate of his father who is entangled with the Hand and has been pretending to be dead for years. Danny Rand is trained specifically to go up against the Hand, and he understands their dark sorcery in a visceral way that Matt Murdock will never get.

"And then they told me, you know, read the comics and stuff, but what we're doing with Netflix and Marvel shows is we're doing something completely different".

I like him, but Jones is clearly expecting a grilling. A good thing, too, because a weaker spirit would collapse at the rom-com complication Tara encounters in the pre-credits opener.

"Marvel don't really give that much information when you're auditioning for it, and I could kind of work out who the character was - Davos", Dhawan recalled. Her character runs rudderless for most of the show.

As Iron Fist began to attract negative reviews, Jones plaintively defended the show by claiming: "It's for the fans", and urged people to "get angry at the real fucking injustices in the world, yeah?"

Warning: Mild "Iron Fist" spoilers ahead. You probably wouldn't think this scruffy-looking hippie kid could efficiently wipe the floor with half dozen armed security guards twice his size. (She gets her own solo story in Immortal Weapons #2) In Immortal Iron Fist #10, she destroys an opponent by opening her torso to reveal a roiling mass of spiders, described as "the black milk of hell". When speaking to The Daily Beast, Scott Buck stressed he was not made aware of fans' desire to see a non-white actor portray Danny Rand until after Jones had been cast.

Season One of Marvel's Iron Fist hit Netflix in the wee hours of the morning and it's already a fighting an uphill battle against disappointed fans and sharp-toothed critics.

Netflix has released it's latest web offering Iron Fist on March 17, 2017 for audiences worldwide.

But just how does Iron Fist pave the way for #TheDefenders? There's still plenty of time for him to flawless his punches - hopefully while wearing a colorful superhero uniform.