Alexa comes to iOS via the Amazon shopping app


While its Echo devices are the foremost bearers of the Alexa voice assistant, it's showing up in an increasing number of third-party devices and even applications.

Alexa, the voice service that powers Amazon Echo, provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to verbally interact with devices in a more intuitive way. From there, you can use Alexa like you normally would, asking her to perform a variety of different tasks.

It is worth mentioning that there is a standalone Alexa for iOS app which is a companion app for all Alexa-enabled hardware.

You can likewise now utilize add-on Skills and Alexa's smart home abilities, using the Amazon app. Users cannot only order things using voice command, but also get answer for nearly all queries.

After an initial rollout, Alexa will be available to all iOS users by next week, Amazon said. Just say "Search for paper towels" or "Reorder batteries" or "Add shampoo to my cart". You can also reorder everyday items with a simple command like "order toilet paper", then track your packages by saying "where's my stuff?"

The functionality has been added, and the update with Amazon Alexa should be rolling out to iPhone users during the coming week. Just press the microphone button, and Alexa will be summoned and ready to answer your questions. Some of those skills will require set up in the separate Alexa app or website.

If you don't currently have an Echo or Dot, but use Amazon's shopper app, now is the time to check out Alexa. The use of latest Door Lock API is not yet accessible but evidently will be a part of the tool shortly.

What can't Alexa do on iOS devices? There are already over 10,000 skills featured in Skills center on Amazon's homepage. It can't be used as a replacement for Siri, since Apple's assistant is built into the operating system.

Alexa has other smarts features that you can access. However, uninstalling the main Alexa app might be a bad idea now since it still is required to change default settings, etc.