Clinton's Popular Vote Lead Over Trump Now Exceeds 2.3 Million


While Trump has begun to fill out his administration and is set to embark on a so-called thank you tour - during which he'll travel to states he won to hold rallies - many have refused to simply accept the results of the election. If the threshold is not met, the decision goes to the House of Representatives.

On the Monday following the second Wednesday of December (as established in federal law) each state's electors meet in their respective state's and cast their electoral votes.

So now the question is, why should a president be elected by the Electoral College. If this sounds odd to you, it is.

Everyone knows that America is a democratic nation with a government that is "by the people, of the people, and for the people", as outlined by President Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address.

As for political primaries the number of delegates awarded in each state should be determined by the percentage of votes won by each candidate. With Trump officially declared the victor in MI on Monday, he's got 306 electoral votes - 56.9 percent of the available total of 538 and nothing to sneeze at. This is no longer the case.

They are the same ones who are now bitterly complaining about the unfairness of the Electoral College. Part of the reason for its adoption was to make sure slaveowning states would have more of a voice.

Every American, regardless of what state they live in, should be guaranteed that their vote matters. However, does it matter? It is the people will; geographically irrelevant.

Over 4.6 million signatories have signed a petition urging the electors who will actually cast Electoral College votes to select Hillary Clinton instead of Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton won 52 East and West Coast counties by 8.2 million votes. We were particularly distressed at his claim, devoid of any apparent evidence, that Clinton is leading in the popular vote because millions of people voted illegally.

Madison had a solution for tyranny of the majority: A republic, by which he meant a government in which the scheme of representation takes place, opens a different prospect and promises the cure for which they were seeking. This seems like a futile move. In Iowa, each elector represents 500,000 people, and in the largest state, California, each elector speaks for more than 700,000 people. Now is the time to end the Electoral College.

"Trump won. He won by a clear margin", Pitney said. He is simply a reality television star with a sketchy business backroom and a couple of catchy phrases. Some are relieved and enthused that there is at least a slim possibility of preventing an autocrat from obtaining power. It happened to Al Gore in the year 2000, and it has now happened to Clinton. With such a disgusting track record, perhaps it is time to consider other options.

Since the election of Donald Trump as president, we've been hearing an outcry to eliminate the Electoral College. They've stated they're just protecting their votes. Silver found that Trump's share of electoral votes ranked 44th out of 54 elections going back to 1804.

We should abolish the electoral college. If we wanted a change, we had to wait until the election cycle came around again.