Xbox Scorpio power isn't just a story of teraflops


Well, it might not pay for a 4K TV, but we can't win them all, eh?

There's a bit more to get excited about in the accessories section, with big discounts on some pricier stuff.

Much, of course, depends on which console you own.

Xbox One is one of the best gaming consoles on the market, and the fans are expecting some serious deals and discounts for the device on this year's Black Friday. This is where the real meat of Black Friday savings will be.

"Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" ($35), "No Man's Sky" ($39), "Destiny: The Collection" ($59) and "Rise of Tomb Raider" ($49) are game titles available in Target.

Xbox Scorpio is not expected by its loyal customers to cost higher than Xbox One S. The pricing scheme starts from $299 for the 500 GB memory. The fact that you get a brand new Xbox One only sweetens the deal. Or you can avail a $125 discount on the iPad Air 2 or $50-$250 discounts on select MacBook models. The Sony PS4 Black Friday 2016 deal also comes with shoppers' choice of either Ratchet & Clank or The Last of Us Remastered free video game titles.

How can you prepare for Black Friday 2016? Plus, all the new fall games are out, and you've probably already fallen behind on the latest and greatest. Instead of a price range, you get a 16 percent off when you buy the 1TB variant of the Xbox One S bundled with a game, a controller and a 4K movie.

I always feel like the best way to do Black Friday is as measured as possible: decide some things you want, see if they're on sale, try to make sure they're actually on sale, and then buy them if it seems like the right move.

Best Black Friday promotions on the Microsoft Store. This deal is available between November 24 and 28. A little more effort can go a long way in grabbing yourself a Black Friday bargain.

The deals are mentioned retailer-wise, so that it becomes easy to decide which store you should prefer to prowl on D-day. With so many places vying for your time on Black Friday, where do you stand the best chance at getting a good deal? These discounts went live for everyone yesterday, having been exclusive to Xbox Live Gold subscribers since the 18th. The Project Scorpio is expected to boast several improvements over the current Xbox console, one of them being the first console from the company to support full 4K gaming.

What will we be doing to help?

Therefore, it's worth thinking hard on whether to take advantage of the early Black Friday deals now, or play the waiting game and potentially bag further savings. Even with the excellent features of the Scorpio, people might not be willing to pay too much for a console.

The deals are available today, running until November 23.