Clinton campaign on Comey announcement


No matter who wins in the election, neither is going to make a difference with regard to the Tibetan issue.

Band told Podesta that Chelsea Clinton was gossiping to outsiders that she was investigating questionable spending.

She was introduced at the rally by Khizr Khan, the father of a soldier who was killed in Iraq and with whom Trump feuded after Khan's speech at the Democratic National Convention, where he attacked the GOP nominee's vision for America. So, how does this affect Hillary Clinton's odds of winning the elections?

FBI Director James Comey abruptly announced Sunday that a review of newly discovered emails sent or received by Hillary Clinton has not changed his conclusion that the Democrat should not face criminal charges. The first report was back in July of this year.

FBI Director James B. Comey.

The timing of the second announcement has served Clinton well, as being exonerated of the charges has given her a jump in the polls.

Trump will return to Northern Virginia on Sunday night as Republicans see new hope in a state where Clinton has long held a comfortable lead. She still has more mass appeal and is leading in key states. He already must win almost all of the roughly dozen battleground states.

She started her Sunday with a visit to an African-American church in Philadelphia, where she spoke of her candidacy in nearly spiritual terms, as she tried to motivate black voters in the crucial swing state to support her.

Speaking in North Carolina, Mr Trump has told voters they must vote, saying if he does not win the election, he will consider his campaign "the single greatest waste of time, energy ... and money". It's unclear how numerous remaining voters will absorb news of Comey's latest announcement, which came less than 48 hours before polls open for traditional, in-person voting.

When the investigation was re-opened (just under two weeks before election day) there was no word as to whether or not results would be found before November 8.

The Mexican peso - which has taken on an inverse relationship with Trump's presidential prospects - staged a stunning rally against the dollar to recoup all its losses from last week.

Clinton tried to fly above the controversy Monday and was not expected to address the matter during stops in MI and North Carolina.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump waves at a campaign rally in Sterling Heights, Mich., Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016.

For the first time, Justice Department lawyers said they expected it could take until 2022 for the State Department to finish reviewing 31,200 emails sent to or from people other than Clinton, such as aides and other government officials, that the Federal Bureau of Investigation previously found in searches of devices connected to Clinton's system and other government email accounts. It was a round-the-clock schedule that included a major rally in Philadelphia with her husband, former President Bill Clinton, Obama and first lady Michelle Obama, along with rock stars Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi.

The FBI launched an investigation many months ago into whether or not she had done anything that was against the law. GOP lawmakers told The Hill it'll be hard for Ryan to get the 218 votes he needs to maintain his position as Speaker, in part because of his mishandling of Trump.

The Trump campaign arrived in Sarasota, Fla., just after 4:00 a.m. Monday morning, after stops Sunday in Denver; Sioux City, Iowa; Minneapolis; suburban Detroit; Pittsburgh; and Leesburg, Virginia. "It seems unlikely that markets will make a full "risk on" move until Clinton is declared the victor".