Michelle Obama appears in Hillary Clinton's TV commercial


Nearly all Bernie Sanders voters are happily behind Clinton at this point, but she never had strong support among the youngest voters. She dispatched former Virginia Sen.

Refusing to mention the Republican nominee by name throughout her remarks, Obama described Trump's previous support of the conspiracy theory that her husband was not a natural-born citizen as a deceitful, deliberate lie.

In an interview on the "Steve Harvey Morning Show" that aired Wednesday, Obama warned against complacency. "Someone who will study and prepare so that they understand the issues better than anyone on their team".

"If you don't vote, that's a vote for Trump", said Obama, who has become Hillary Clinton's chief surrogate in appealing to African American voters.

Clinton and Trump are locked in a tight race in North Carolina.

"When making life-or-death, war-or-peace decisions, a president can't just pop off or lash out irrationally", she said on behalf of the Democratic presidential nominee at La Salle University in Philadelphia.

There was also the time she casually brought up Trump's reality TV background.

"I love the debate". "You look at some of the things that have come out about this young lady in the last 24 hours", he said, and Kelly - who has already criticized Trump's response - stepped in. "Day off, day off, day off", Trump told supporters at a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

He believes it can bring an opportunity for Clinton to relate to people and for Trump to not get exhausted and upset. And I can not believe how easily so many are swept away by these transparently asinine narratives.

A final spot shows President Obama yelling "shame on her" at Clinton.

Trump had been criticized earlier in the campaign for describing North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as obsolete and questioning the USA commitment to the alliance.

Clinton's polling lead over Trump in Pennsylvania has narrowed in recent weeks, with the Democrat up by 2.4 points in an average of polls compiled by RealClear Politics. It may be that Republican millennials are deserting Trump at rates similar to or greater than Democratic millennials deserting Hillary, which would blunt the effect of the downturn in turnout on her overall numbers. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) also campaigned for the former secretary of state on Wednesday.

Trump was hoping to regain his footing after veering into problematic territory the day before, when he revived his decades-old criticism of a former beauty pageant victor for gaining "a massive amount of weight".

The president and other Democrats were hoping voters wouldn't forget.

He "doesn't do his homework, doesn't know basic facts that you need to know if you're going to be president of the United States".