Trump Now Beating Clinton in New National Poll


The Commission on Presidential Debates says that in order for a candidate to participate in the debates, they have to be polling at 15 percent. While Trump publicly maintains support from numerous high-ranking GOP officials, a striking number of discussions among Republicans in Washington often begin with an assumption that Clinton will be president come January.

So far this year, an average of recent Post-ABC polls shows Hillary Clinton leading Trump by 70 percent to 25 percent among Hispanic voters - similar to Obama's margin over Romney.

Clinton holds fewer events than Trump but this should be no excuse for her lack of support at individual rallies. Cillizza noted that Trump is going to need every die-hard Trump supporter, Republican-leaner, and independent-leaner to win this election.

Hillary continues to lead in most of the states, according to RealClearPolitics.

Clinton (42 percent) has a 5 percentage point lead nationally over Trump (37 percent) in the latest CNN Poll of Polls published Friday. Many Republicans have already distanced themselves from him because his hard-right stances and insulting comments have alienated many women, Hispanic and suburban voters.

Trump practically has to sweep those states to win. No so sure about their numbers being so vast as to erase some of the leads Clinton has in states like Virginia.

Valley political expert Stan Barnes said the Clinton campaign has convinced itself that money spent in Arizona is money well-spent.

Donald Trump's controversial trip to Mexico on Wednesday was met with anger and harsh criticism for both Hollywood and prominent Mexican figures. Trump visited the damage, donated much-needed supplies, and helped unload the supplies to the people in need.

The Clinton campaign is responsible for nearly two-thirds of pro-Clinton spending on the airwaves, while Trump's campaign is responsible for not even one-third of pro-Trump television ad spending.

Donald Trump's campaign is set to visit Detroit, Michigan on Saturday to reach out to African-American voters. Yesterday, Trump spoke to members of the Great Faith Ministries in Detroit.

We can agree there-it's the day Trump drove the final nail into the coffin of his candidacy. His speech yesterday was well received by all in attendance. He's backed Trump, even though the celebrity real estate magnate has ridiculed McCain's time as a prisoner of war and assailed immigrants in the USA illegally, riling crucial Hispanic voters in the state and elsewhere. No candidate in modern memory has had one field office in a state as big and as important as Florida.

In the Old Dominion, which votes more like the New Dominion, Mrs. Clinton is just one point ahead of Mr. Trump, 44% to 43%, with Gov. Johnson taking 11% and the Dr. Stein at 3%.