Mobile Introduces T-Mobile One


"All include unlimited talk and text and unlimited 4G LTE smartphone data while on our blazing-fast network", said the company, which offers the service as the latest tweak to its Un-carrire brand.

When it comes to tablets, you'll be able to add your tablet to your T-Mobile One unlimited plan at a price of $20 per month per tablet.

Starting Sunday, AT&T will begin offering what it calls the Mobile Share Advantage plan, which eliminates the pricey fees that consumers now face if they go over their monthly data allotment. Compared with AT&T and Verizon users, T-Mobile subs stream three times more music, twice as much video and use 50% more data. If you want to stream HD video you'll need to pay an extra $25 per month.

Telecom network operator AT&T Inc. has introduced a new data plan without overage fees and reduces data speeds for wireless customers going past their data allowance. The plans come with other changes - they strip out the cheapest, offering more data for higher prices while lowering the cost for some higher data plans.

Previously, T-Mobile has offered four different size data plans, including its unlimited plan.

T-Mobile is quick to point out that you can not get a Verizon unlimited data plan as it does not offer it, but if you were to sign up for its highest data bucket, you'd spend over $4000 more a year.

That's not all, though, Boost Mobile's new unlimited plan starts tomorrow.

"I declare that the era of a data plan is over", Legere said in a video announcing the news.

Carriers have typically charged users extra when they go over the data limit their plan allows. "Best of all, our customers will never have to track, monitor or police their data usage ever again", explains T-Mobile. So a family of four would pay $160 (or $40 per line) for unlimited data.

And the plan could mean a higher monthly bill for some. Carriers have had to reduce prices to lure customers from rivals and have tried to make up the revenue by selling larger data plans.

Add it up and T-Mobile and Sprint are aiming to create more of a subscription model for mobile. After that, lines 3 through 10 will cost $30 per month. Sprint's plans launch on Friday, while T-Mobile users will have to wait until September 6th.