Could No Man's Sky Be Coming To Xbox One?


Variety is something that No Man's Sky failed to offer, especially with a team as small as Hello Games. When playing the game I could not help but think about was the fact that No Man's Sky would make an fantastic Star Trek game and could be used as a blueprint for a future release.

Then there's the expectations for the game, which have ranged widely - from those hoping for a Mass Effect-esque combination of exploration and combat, to those wanting a Minecraft-esque sense of creative freedom.

Interestingly enough, however, recent data-mining efforts carried out by NeoGAF user Hugo Peters seem to have yielded a new piece of evidence that could be hinting at the sci-fi title being released for Microsoft's current-gen console.

Instead, No Man's Sky boasts 18 quintillion procedurally-generated planets - and, if you're reading this, you probably know all of that already. Clearly, this more expansive vision was scrapped from the final game.

In order to beat the "No Man's Sky" with minimum effort, aside from collecting the Atlas Stones and in-game cash, players need to have a good or better yet an upgraded Hyperdrive.

Spacecrafts in modern "No Man's Sky" are largely just cosmetic cargo holders. The plants are just mushrooms or other fungi looking things while the animals are all yellow anteaters or camels.

Yes, you. The one screaming, "There's no multiplayer!" and "Sean Murray lied to us!" and other slurs I dare not mention.

Visually as a whole, this game doesn't look bad, but everything starts to look the same the more you play it. "You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is".

Bizarrely, the game also uses a cursor to hover over inventory slots and dialogue options. And if you have been playing No Man's Sky for even an hour you would find truth in this.

Perhaps the most interesting discovery is an unfinished model titled Astronaut, which some are theorising was meant to be the player model.

And you'll have a blast in space this summer. And this one is basically a cheat if you want to run around and Buy All The Things.

It's not uncommon to be alone for long periods before you see another life form. Numerous very earliest mods on offer are cosmetic tweaks, playing with visual effects like chromatic aberration or the "Instagram filter" that adds a hazy glow over everything in the game. However, Hello Games has an experimental patch that's being tested internally that should put a permanent end to these nagging problems. Doing so earns you a little bit of money that you can add to your wallet but of course gives you the great pleasure of naming your own solar system.