Simone Biles biological mom speaks out


Meanwhile, as Team USA's conquest for more gold continues, there has been no response from Biles over the statements.

And as Simone and her victorious teammates charged around the venue Tuesday to where the American families sat, the world's finest gymnast looked into the stands and blew kisses. Your tweet, brash and dismissive as it seemed, was countered with an outpouring of voices calling for deeper understanding of adoption, of family, of love.

During Sunday night's gymnastics competition, NBC commentator Al Trautwig mentioned Simone Biles' parents, and called them her grandparents.

USA gymnast Simone Biles' parents are Ron and Nellie Biles. Her older siblings were adopted by her grandfather, Ron's, sister.

Simone Biles' biological mother, Shannon Biles, doesn't appreciate being characterized as a drug addict by her parents, who adopted Simone. According to TMZ, Simone's biological mother, Shannon, is now sober and maintains a relationship with her daughter.

"@AlTrautwig actually they are her parents", he tweeted. "I've gotten better, life goes on and that's my past and that's what it should be left at, the past".

Al Trautwig
Al Trautwig’s tweet–since deleted

Just one day after a swimming announcer was criticized for crediting a swimmer's husband for her gold medal win, another announcer found himself apologizing for comments about a US gymnast's adoptive parents. His tweet brings back the pain that adoptees feel every time they are told that their mom and dad are not their real parents. As her star has grown over the past three years, she has shared the story of how her family came together.

But I've been thinking about you and what you said, and I decided I'm not angry with you. I was invited when she won her first title, her championship, the PNG in 2014 I was invited there, in Pittsburgh.

Who wouldn't be? See some old photos of Simone, Shanon, and their fam here.

"It was after London that she decided she wanted to be in the next one", Ron Biles said.

"Life goes on, and that's my past", she said. Simone's grandfather and his wife, Nellie, adopted her and her younger sister. The more we do, the less stigma we'll all face - and, just maybe, more people will be encouraged to explore adoption for themselves.

"Right, and I don't care", Trautwig replied.